A Message From Mr. Smith re: Beridge Road

I have been informed that the Halstead Gazette is running a story this week on road safety around our school.

This story was of course prompted by the collision in Beridge Road last week. The Gazette have also informed me that comments on their Facebook page prompted them to investigate. Whilst we are not at all complacent about road safety at Holy Trinity (selected year groups have road safety lessons every year) and having spoken at length to some of the parents involved, I think it is very fair to say that the collision last Friday can only be described as an accident.

All things considered however, I think that we do need to take more care around Beridge Road. There are often cars double parked in Beridge Road and this is not ideal from a road safety perspective. I made the point to the Gazette that our school was built in the 1850s and at that time people walked to school because very, very few people had cars, and lived within walking distance of their school – in 2012 the situation is very different. We can pick and choose schools and today we have children from Gosfield, Earls Colne and other surrounding villages. Furthermore, Essex County Council took the decision to close a number of small schools and pay for children’s transport costs instead – thus increasing traffic, parking and road safety issues around almost every school in the county. When I spoke to the Halstead Gazette they, of course, had not considered these factors.

I know that everyone at school shares my relief that last Friday’s incident did not result in a serious injury – that is the most important thing. The incident was however a shocking reminder of what can happen, so from this point on I think we need to be a little more mindful of road safety issues. From the school’s perspective I will ensure that our commitment to road safety walks continues and I will also put additional pressure upon the Highways department to consider additional safety measures in Beridge Road.

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend, best wishes,

Jon Smith

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