Essex Police To Take Decisive Action Against Illegal Parking

As promised, I can update you on our steps to keep Beridge Road as safe as possible. This week I met with representatives from Essex Police to discuss the issues of parking and vehicles stopping in and around Beridge Road.

In the past it is fair to say that the local Police have often issued warnings rather than tickets to people parking and stopping illegally on the yellow zig-zag lines on Beridge Road, please be warned – this approach is about to radically change.

Due to recent events, Essex Police are obviously concerned that there is not a repeat of the recent accident on Beridge Road. Police have reported to me that the disappointing aspect of this case is that despite what happened, members of the public persist on dropping off and parking illegally on the zig-zag lines – this is a road traffic offence, punishable by a fixed penalty notice.

Essex Police stressed that they did not want to take this course of action, but the behaviour of some drivers has left them with little option.

In future, all cars either parked, or stopping, on the zig-zag lines will be issued with fixed penalty notices and this ‘zero tolerance’ approach will be maintained until the situation improves. Please be assured, this is not an idle threat.

I have also been assured that the Police will take action against drivers stopping outside the access road to the school gates. If you are using a car, please park with care.

Jon Smith (Headteacher)

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