“Keeping Our Footpaths Clean” Competition

Having become very concerned with the problem of dogs fouling on the Holy Trinity footpath, we launched a competition inviting the children to design posters alerting local dog owners to the problem. The winning posters will be turned into permanent signs. I am delighted to announce the winners!

Rosie Day Class 6
Abbie Willis Class 8
Millie Rivers Class 8
Congratulations to our three winners.When the signs arrive we will do a special presentation during a Celebration Assembly.

The new signs have been ordered and will be mounted around the school grounds within the next few weeks. As soon as the new signs arrive we will get some photographs of the winners with their designs!

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition, it was a difficult task picking the winners. Hopefully the new signs will encourage this tiny minority of dog owners to be more responsible and clean up!

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