Snow Closure 6/2/12 – A Message From Mr. Smith

Dear Parents and Carers

As I am sure you are aware, I decided to close Holy Trinity Primary School this morning due to the conditions in and around the school site.

I arrived at school this morning at 6.50am to be greeted by at least four to five inches of lying snow all over the school site! I walked around the site (knee deep in snow!) and would say that this is by far the heaviest snowfall I have seen since moving to Essex in 2005. Having assessed the condition of the surrounding foot paths, school drive and playgrounds, I felt that it was clearly unsafe to open the school.

It is never an easy decision to close, but when making this decision I have to consider a number of factors such as safety on the school premises, travel to and from school and whether we have sufficient staff and services to operate safely in conditions that are clearly far from ‘the norm’.

I recognise and understand that some parents may have found their working schedules disrupted by the closure, for this I apologise, but I have no doubt whatsoever that it would have been unsafe to open the school. One or two days of school closure has implications and causes frustration, but a serious accident that could have essentially been avoided would be a tragedy for the whole community.

We have cleared masses of snow this morning (see pictures on our website) and it appears that some of the snow and ice is thawing so we will make every effort to open tomorrow. Please be warned, if temperatures continue to drop overnight I anticipate that conditions will remain icy for some time to come – please be careful and take your time. The playgrounds around the school remain thick with snow. Mr Randall, Mr Handy and myself have managed to clear some walkways and paths but everyone must take great care.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Phil Randall, our Site Manager, who despite the weather and challenging conditions has worked tirelessly clearing paths and keeping the school in a safe condition – his work is often unseen but invaluable to our school.

I would also like to thank Mr Handy and Mrs Hackett who were able to walk into school this morning. Mrs Hackett has been answering phones to parents and Mr Handy has been updating our website and helped us clear snow to give us a good chance of opening tomorrow.

Once again, please accept my apologies for our closure; it was a difficult decision to make, but one that was made with the very best interests of our children in mind.

I thank you in advance for your continued support and co-operation.

Best wishes

Jon Smith

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