Snow – The Plan For Tuesday

The Plan For Tuesday

Following today’s closure, we thought it would be useful to let you know how things stand for tomorrow, Tuesday.

Looking at the BBC’s weather page for the area it doesn’t look like we’re in for either more snow or a deep frost tonight. Combined with the excellent work done by Mr. Randall to clear the footpaths at school we are fairly certain that school will be open tomorrow. There will be a confirmation one way or the other posted on this website and our Facebook and Twitter pages at around 7.30am, but in order to prepare for 250+ people descending on site we’d like to take this opportunity to make a few safety points.

  • Although we’ve worked hard to make the site safe we have no control over the footpaths and roads around the school. Please take care as you make your way to school.
  • Due to the sheer volume of snow on site it has not been possible to clear it completely. Instead paths have been cut through the snow and then gritted. Please stay on these paths as you move around school. It is when snow gets compacted that it becomes treacherous and the accidents we fear are more likely to happen. By staying on the paths we can stop this from happening.
  • Because we couldn’t remove the snow completely there is reduced parking on site and almost nowhere to turn around. What parking there is will need to be used by staff travelling distances to get in. Wherever possible please travel to school by foot, even if it means arriving a little late. The more cars on site, on Beridge Road, and on the approach to the school gates the more likely there is to be an accident.
  • All after-school clubs are cancelled tomorrow as a precaution should the weather turn and staff need to get home.

Again, we expect to be open tomorrow but there will be a confirmation one way or the other posted to the website in the morning at around 7.30.

Home-School Communication

The school website today received a record number of hits with, at the time of writing, 2039 visits being made. We hope that you have found it particularly useful today, and it did seem that we received far fewer phone calls to the school office than we normally do on snow days. Ever eager to improve home-school communication we have added a small questionnaire to the website which you will see if you scroll down and look to the left. Please ‘Have Your Say’ and let us know the ways you would like to be kept informed of news and events at Holy Trinity. If you’ve already voted, thank you, but please note that you can now vote for more than one method of communication, and e-mail was accidentally missed off – you may wish to vote again!

Key Stage 2 Visits To Duxford

With the weather looking like it is going to improve as the week progresses we fully expect Class 6&7’s visit on Wednesday and Class 8&9’s visit on Thursday to go ahead as planned. Looking through the file this morning we can see that there are still a number of children who have not returned permission slips and/or money for the visit. We can not take children unless we have permission slips signed by a parent or carer. Please ensure that any outstanding slips are returned to school tomorrow so we can avoid the extra job of phoning home on the morning of the visits. Thank you.




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