Freezing Temperatures, Duxford & Clubs

Freezing Temperatures

Following last night’s very low temperatures the paths on the approaches to the school site will be slippery. Please take care. On site Mr. Randall is gritting the cut paths and, however tempting the it may be, it would really helpful if people kept on the paths and didn’t kick snow onto the walkways where it turns to compacted ice and needs re-gritting. Everyone was brilliant yesterday, thank you – this simple act helps us preserve salt stocks and keep people safe. There is still reduced parking on site (and there probably will be until the snow thaws) so please continue to walk into school unless absolutely necessary.



The Duxford visit for Classes 6 & 7 is still very much on. There were lots of phone calls yesterday between ourselves and the Education Centre and we have altered our day slightly as a result. We are still leaving at 9.15am and returning at around 4pm, but during the day more time will be spent in the warmer buildings around the Duxford complex. We will spend as little time as possible outside, but please send your children to school with lots of layers under their uniforms, warm socks and appropriate wintry outerwear.

We will, as usual, be ‘Tweeting’ from the visit. These updates will appear on the school website (in the panel to your left as you read this), on the display screens in school and on our Facebook & Twitter pages. We will update regularly on our return journey with an expected time of arrival. Please keep an eye out online if you can before contacting the school office – from the coach it’s easier to update the site by text than it is to keep phoning them so their information is not always as current!



After-school clubs, including Mr. Wiskin’s, return today with the exception of Mrs Hood’s ICT Skills Club as she will be at Duxford.

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