Educational Visits

Last week our children in Key Stage Two spent the day at the Imperial War museum at Duxford. Duxford was a great place to visit this term as it links so well with their learning theme – World War Two.

Over the last two years we have tried to have one curriculum trip per term. Curriculum trips really inspire the children and give them an added dimension to their learning. I am conscious however that trips and visits do have financial implications for families; especially if you have more than one child at school.

All our curriculum trips are subsidised through the school budget. In most cases by approximately 50% – this usually means that your voluntary contribution is kept to an absolute minimum.

If you find that you cannot afford to contribute towards a trip or visit please tell me because there are often ways we can help. It also goes without saying that any request for help is treated in the strictest confidence. So, if you have a problem, please come and see us, we are here to help.

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