The Motivation Lottery

You may have heard your children talking about our school ‘Motivation Lottery’ – when we see children clearly working hard, giving every task their best effort, they are issued with a lottery ticket. The lottery tickets will then go forward to a ‘Class Lottery’ on Thursday afternoon. Each teacher will draw the lottery and the owner of the winning ticket will receive a small gift.

It doesn’t end there…All the tickets will then go into a whole school draw on Friday morning during our celebration assembly. One ticket will be drawn and the owner of the ticket will then be able to select a special prize.

Some children may receive more than one ticket, the more tickets children earn, the better their chance of their ticket being selected. The response from our children has been amazing. The Bronze, Silver and Gold certificate system works well, but children reported to us that it takes a long time to earn these certificates. Most importantly, our children seem to enjoy the Motivation Lottery because they can receive almost instant gratification and the impact in our classrooms has been incredible…our polite, sensible and well behaved children are working harder than ever before.

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