Halstead Schools Podcasting Morning

Pupils from Holy Trinity, Richard de Clare and St. Andrew’s met up at Holy Trinity this morning to create podcasts based on the newspaper-for-children First News. Taking inspiration from talking newspapers the pupils chose a news story each that interested them, recorded themselves reading them out and then, using audio software, edited their recordings and put them together to make three different podcasts that you can listen to here:

– Ep. 6 – First News by Molly, Rosie & Owen: March 15th 2012

– Ep. 5 – First News by Liam, Josh & Zoe: March 15th 2012

– Ep. 4 – First News by Luke, Ellie & Bridget: March 15th 2012

Well done to all the pupils for doing such a great job of their podcast, and thank you to staff from Richard de Clare and St. Andrew’s for bringing them along!

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