The Disappearance Of The Easter Bunny!*

Yesterday Classes 6 & 7 were informed that, following a dinner party at Hare Hall, the Easter Bunny had disappeared! Also at the dinner party were Farmer Jones (who is known to enjoy his rabbit pie), Father Christmas (who is known to be somewhat jealous of the Easter Bunny’s popularity) and Ms Green (a shopkeeper who is known to resent the Easter Bunny dishing out chocolate eggs for free).

Today the children had the opportunity to interview the manager of Hare Hall, Violet, and each of the guests to try and find out what had happened in the lead up to the Easter Bunny’s disappearance. They are now hard at work on the laptops writing front pages for the Daily Carrott, as requested by millionnaire newspaper owner Caspar Carrott.

You will be able to read who the children thought were responsible in a later article on the website.

*Please note: The Easter Bunny has since been found and is alive & well and preparing for Easter. Don’t panic!

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