School Life At Holy Trinity

School Life At Holy Trinity – by Chloe-Louise in Class 9

School life at Holy Trinity Halstead is great, there’s no other way to describe it! To prove it, we have interviewed some Year 6 girls about school life; today we asked Holly, Kyra, Bella and Madi!

What is it like being the eldest children in the school?

Kyra: It’s really fun, you have to set a good example for the whole school.

Holly: I think it’s really cool to be Year 6, we get treated like young adults.

How about SATs?

Kyra: I’m no longer scared about SATs because I know that I’m ready.

Madi: The best part about SATs is the adventure and excitement.

What sort of jobs do you volunteer for in Year 6?

Bella: I do music during assemblies and I am play leader. It is really fun to play with younger children from other classes.

So there you have it, life at Holy Trinity Halstead is fantastic!


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