Instagram Comes To Holy Trinity! (& School Journey 2012 News)

At Holy Trinity we are always looking for ways to enhance home-school communication and give parents & carers an insight into school life. Over the past two years we’ve posted over 400 articles on the school website, updated our Facebook & Twitter feeds over 800 times and added nearly 100 pages to our website.

Last year during School Journey week the website received nearly 1000 hits a day as Miss McCullough & Mr. Handy added photos to the site on an almost hourly basis. The process, although popular, was time consuming and, because they were mainly sent via MMS, costly. 

This year, looking for a more efficient system, we are using School Journey week to launch the arrival of Instagram on our website. Instagram is, for those not familiar with it, “a fastbeautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and family.” According to the blurb anyway. For Holy Trinity it means that pupils & staff will be able to add photos to the school website in real-time without having to get Mr. Handy to do it for them…

As you can see from the graphic above right and the sidebar to the left we now have an Instagram ‘widget’ – as soon as a photo is added to our school Instagram account it will appear in the widget. The pupils in Class 9 will be experimenting with this next week and then using it throughout School Journey to give you all a flavour of the fun they’re having in Norfolk.

To follow the photo updates you can either keep checking out the school website or, if you have an iPhone/iPad or Android device, follow us on Instagram by downloading the app and creating an account. Our school username so you can follow us is, predictably, holytrinityhalstead.

In addition to updating the site with school journey news via Instagram, Mr. Wiskin will again be Tweeting for us and these updates will appear on the school website and in our Twitter & Facebook feeds. We will be using these updates to let you know that we have arrived in Norfolk and, more importantly, our estimated time of arrival back at school on Friday. Please look for information on the website before phoning the school office. 

Finally, each evening after the children have eaten and gone to bed, Miss McCullough will be e-mailing selected other photos to Mr. Handy who will add them to the School Journey 2012 page of the website. This will probably be around 9pm – please be patient as Miss McCullough’s priority will always be the welfare of the pupils in Norfolk and Mr. Handy will be embroiled in the middle of History Week!

We hope that you enjoy our three-pronged approach of Instagram, Twitter/Facebook & the school website during School Journey 2012 – please let us know how it worked for you so we can make the most of the technologies available to us in the future.

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