Minibeast Hunters On The Case

Mini beasts are taking over the world. There are only two classes that can stop this crime, the PUDDLE DUCKS and PADDINGTON BEARS!

The Puddle Ducks and Paddington Bears have been on the case… looking for mini beasts. They each got into groups and took turns to go in their little playground to find the mini beasts that are taking over the world!! We went down to ask Eddie, Darcy, Poppy and Brandon some questions on their mini beast mission!!!!

Question 1:
What was your favourite mini beast?
Eddie: Ladybird
Darcy: Butterfly
Poppy: Ladybird
Brandon: Ants

Question 2:
Did you have fun?
Everyone said YES YES YES!!!

Question 3:
Who was your work partner?
Eddie: Kaiden
Darcy: Mia
Poppy: Elizabeth
Brandon: Danny

Question 4:
Why was it your favourite Mini Beast?
Eddie: Ladybird’s are not poisonous
Darcy: Butterfly’s are colourful
Poppy: Ladybird’s tickle your hand when you hold them!
Brandon: Ants because they’re my favourite colour!

Yay! They’ve solved the mission. The world is finally saved . Thank you Puddle Ducks and Paddington Bears you are life savers!!!!

By Ali D and Jodie T xx

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