Riotous Assembly Comes To Holy Trinity

On Monday afternoon Riotous Assembly visited Holy Trinity to work with the whole school.(Riotous Assembly is the collective name for this group of musicians who came together in the spring of 2009 via such routes as folk music, the popular music culture of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, Halstead’s Historical Society, Essex Libraries as well as the Inns of East Anglia.

The children learned about life in Halstead nearly 200 years ago and the stark life choices facing adults and children at the time. They enjoyed song, discussion, acting, artefacts and craft, and after school parents joined us on a beautiful day to enjoy further activities. Many thanks to Riotous Assembly for an interesting and enjoyable afternoon. You can find out more about them including their next, more adult orientated, live performance at Clare Town Hall on the 15th June via their website.

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