SATs! How Did We Do?

On the 14th May to the 17th May both Year 6 and Year 2 did their SATs. SATs are tests to show how well we’ve been doing in our years in school. SATs stands for Standard Assessment Tests they usually last 45 minutes however, one test lasts 1 whole hour! I’ve been interviewing some of the children who took the SATs.

First of all I interviewed George Cummings, here’s what he said:
“Before SATs I was excited, I couldn’t wait for KS3! I’m so relieved now SATs are over, you wouldn’t believe it! Miss McCullough’s little preparation talk helped me to feel more excited about SATs as well!”

Wow! Now that was a great response from George! Now, as our first interview went so well, I guess I’ll do it again, and again, and again! So here is what Jade Brooks, yet again Year 6, had to say: “I couldn’t wait until SATs, but now I’m extremely nervous about KS3! Extra Tuition helped me through my SATs because it boosted my confidence, ensuring that I get the best level possible! Amazing! No I mean it, that was amazing!”

And now, for the one and only… Year 6… Freddie Couch: “Before the SATs started I was scared, but excited, and now the SATs are over, well that’s just another story! My teacher (Miss McCullough) helped me to get it over and done with!”

And now, the Year 6 we’ve all been waiting for… Bella Bennet! “I was so nervous before SATs!!! After my SATs were finished I, as everyone else, was relieved and tired! During the SATs Miss McCullough stayed by me every step of the way!”
Wow, what a great teacher she is, but that’s all from Year 6! It’s time for Year 2! How about starting with… Jack-Tyler Hubbard! Here is what he said: “Before my tests I was a little bit scared, but my teachers helped me by helping me read the questions I was having trouble reading. Now the horrible tests are over I feel so happy and like I can just drop everything and fall in my bed at the end of the week!”

I can’t believe the reaction I got when I interviewed him, it was amazing, but now it’s time for… Diya Patel:
“I was very interested about the tests, and what would be in them! While I was doing my tests Mrs. Rayner helped me to read the hard questions, and now they have finished I feel really good and happy!”

Amazing, isn’t it (how people feel about their SATs) and half of them think that they’re just general tests! Here’s what Ewan Thompson had to say: “Before the tests I felt normal (good), actually, I didn’t even realise that I was taking any tests! While the tests were in progress my teachers helped me read the difficult questions, and now they are over I’m quite excited about KS2!”

And now, for our last interviewed participant, Goldina! “I was excited before, and my teacher Mrs. Rayner helped me with my reading. And now it’s over, well I’m just extremely happy!”

By Emily Hubbard and Connor Moss

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