MacBeth Comes To Holy Trinity!

This morning Holy Trinity was visited by John and Lee from Sky Blue Theatre Company. They worked with Classes 6 & 7, who have been studying Shakespeare’s Macbeth this term. The actors worked through the play, with the children playing all the roles and contributing towards a group understanding of the action. Afterwards we were treated to some background information about Shakepeare’s Globe Theatre and a stunning performance of “Pyramus and Thisbe” (from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Nights Dream”) by John and Lee which had children and staff enthralled.

Below you can see some pictures of the day.

It was a fantastic part of our Shakespeare unit of work which brought Macbeth alive, lightening its dark themes to suit the audience whilst retaining the action and gore, and provided the children with a glimpse of how enjoyable Shakespeare can be. Here’s what some of them had to say about the morning:

I liked the play because the hosts put effort, expression and feeling into it. My favourite bit was when the man kept falling over in “Pyramus and Thisbe”. – Max

The story of Macbeth was funny, different from the version we had seen before, and weird. I think that was because of the actors. If I was a critic I would give four stars because it had it all! – Bella

I enjoyed this morning. My friends got picked to act out Macbeth. I found it very funny – some of my friends really got into it. It was really interesting. The second act John and Lee did was funny. They had to have a volunteer and it was Perry. He had to be a wall. I would recommend the show to other people. – Rhiannon

This morning was great. I loved the actions and movements too. First they told and asked stuff about Macbeth. Next they introduced themselves. One was called John, they other called Lee – they were both men. Finally they started to do the play Macbeth. Surprisingly we did the play. I was Macduff. Then John and Lee did a play close to “Romeo and Juliet”. My favourite bit was when they did the play. If I could I would want everyone I know to watch it. – Akif

We would recommend Sky Blue Theatre Company to any school wishing to enhance their pupils’ experience of Shakespeare.

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