“Run! Run! Back to base! Back to base!”

That was us Year 6’s on Friday, at the fantastic Laser Quest, after the long week of SATS.

We had two games of this shooting and screaming mania. The girls were determined to beat the boys, even if it was the only thing we could beat them at. The girls were up and ready to fire by now the boys were shaking in their boots and biting their finger nails… It was like feeding time in the zoo, we were all electric and ready to feast! We were released into the area and we shot the boys down!

The first game was the greens vs red (boys) and the reds won!!!! The next game belonged to the girls, we played hardcore and really came out of our shells!

After the games we had some lunch most of us had chicken bites. So thank-you to all the teachers who have made SATs week so much fun and relaxing, and thank-you so much for the fantastic day out at Laser Quest!

Reporter: Holly Taylor

Today, our year sixes had a fantastic day at Sudbury Laser Quest! We had two amazing games and a delicious lunch. Overall, the boys team1 came in first place, the girls team1 came second, the girls team2 came in third and the boys team2 came fourth ! Well done to everyone who played, what an outstanding match !!!!

Reporter: Chloe-Louise Baker

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