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Dear Parents/Carers

For a considerable amount of time, we have tried to organise some form of peripatetic Music tuition in school; feedback and surveys have often told us that a growing number of parents are extremely keen to encourage their children to learn a musical instrument.

We have examined different options and I believe that we have found an organisation that can help provide professional music tuition at a very reasonable cost. This service is provided by a charity called the ‘Music for Schools Foundation’ ( We have arranged a special assembly with the MFSF for our children to learn more about musical instruments – this assembly may also inspire some of them to give a musical instrument a try!

As a follow up I have arranged a meeting for parents and families on 26th June (6.00pm) at school where Alan Summers, on behalf of the MFSF, will talk about the service they can provide. The charity offers music tuition and instrument hire for a range of instruments including: flute, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet and cornet. The Foundation can also sometimes offer discounted tuition for children whose families who are eligible for income support.

We are looking to start this initiative in September 2012 for Key Stage Two children; therefore the meeting will only be relevant to families with children currently in Y2-Y5.

So, if you are interested in some music tuition, please make a note in your diary:

Music for Schools Foundation
Parents Meeting
Tuesday 26th June, 6.00pm

We hope that families will be interested in this opportunity. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,

Mrs Hannah Rayner
Music Subject Leader

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