Our Week With Class 8 & An End To SATs

We spent a week with Class 8! While the Year 6’s were doing their SATs, the Year 5’s in that class (me, Dan, Beth, Tom, and Jarad) had to go to Class 8. We had exciting murder mysteries to solve and embarrassing sketches to act out! I thought it was exceedingly fun!! This is what we thought about our week with Class Eight.

Me: How did you feel when we first stepped in Class Eight?
Beth: I felt comfortable because I was back with my own year group!!!
Me: How did you feel when we had to go back to Miss McCullough’s class?
Dan: I was glad to go back to Miss McCullough’s class, but I also missed Class Eight a tiny bit. Well, I certainly missed being with the Year Sixes (and Miss McCullough), but I really enjoyed my time with Class 8! Hopefully I’ll be able to go and join Class 8 again!

Summer Production: Do you know what the Summer Production is about? Well, I’m not sure if you can contain your excitement if I tell you, but we’re doing … Holy Trinity’s Got Talent!! It’s Holy Trinity’s version of Britain’s Got Talent! We don’t know the exact date, but it’ll be in early July. This is most of Year 6’s work (not forgetting the Year 5‘s of course), but they are the ones who wrote the play script and Miss McCullough just put it all together!

End of SATs

Hooray! SATs are over for our brilliant Year 6’s! I am sure they felt relived and that joy filled their hearts when it was announced that their last test was officially finished ! Take a look at what they said when I interviewed them!
Me: What did you feel like when SATs began?
Bella: I felt nervous but Miss McCullough pulled us through all of the way!
Me: How did you feel when SATs were over?
Lucy: When SAT’s were over, I felt really, really relived. It felt so weird not doing so much revision! Because now we have SAT them!

Reporter: Ellee Su

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