Hand-Washing & Hygiene

Dear Parents

As I am sure you are aware schools throughout Essex have reported a significant increase in the number of reported sickness bugs; GP Surgeries also report that hundreds of children throughout the county have been ill over half term.

In an attempt to try and restrict the spread of these ‘bugs’ I have decided to take action to improve hygiene at Holy Trinity, we will:

  • Install liquid soap dispensers (where practicable) in toilets;
  • Aim to upgrade our toilets by installing hand dryers (removal of towels/paper towels);
  • Make hand sanitizer available throughout the school.

Obviously, I cannot complete all the above actions overnight, but I have committed our resources to improving our facilities within a reasonable time scale. I will expect our children to adapt to these changes sensibly; for instance, I will be monitoring the behaviour of children very closely to ensure that they do not misuse liquid soap dispensers. In addition, I am going to ask all our staff to check and monitor children to ensure that they are washing their hands at appropriate times; any changes we implement at school are no substitute for good hand washing habits.

Importantly, if children do pick up a ‘bug’ we must ask parents to make sure that children are free from vomiting and/or diarrhoea for at least 24 hours before they return to school. If children return to school too early it massively increases the risk of re-infection. I know that for working parents this can be frustrating, but everyone must work together in order to ensure that we maintain a healthy school.

I am very conscious that although there are measures we can take at school to improve hygiene we need the help and support of our families to really make this work. As we are going to be promoting the importance of effective hand washing at school, I would ask all families to please support our work and do the same at home.

Best wishes

Jon Smith

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