Get FREE Holy Trinity Text Message Updates!

Even if you’re not a Twitter user (and don’t want to be!) you can now get updates about Holy Trinity via text message for FREE*!

By texting FOLLOW HTPSHALSTEAD to 86444 (at the cost of a text at your usual network rate) you will receive a text message each time our Website/Twitter Feed/Facebook Page are updated.

What will you receive in your text messages?

  • Daily lunch updates
  • News and reminders about forthcoming events
  • Updates about what’s going on at school and on visits
  • Links to articles on the school website
  • Breaking news as soon as it breaks!
  • And more…

Please remember:

  • You do not have to have a Twitter account to use this service. You don’t even need to have access to a computer.
  • So long as your phone can receive text messages you can use this – no need for a smartphone.
  • There is no cost for receiving these texts unless you are on an unusual mobile plan where you are charged for receiving texts.
  • You should expect to receive a variable number of texts per day – it depends what is going on at school! We will be changing our website update policy so you shouldn’t receive any texts in the middle of the night…
  • You are in complete control of this service: to unsubscribe simply text STOP HTPSHALSTEAD to 86444 (at the cost of a text at your usual network rate).
  • Your mobile number is never disclosed to us when you use this service – we don’t even know how many or who is using the service.
  • If you choose not to use this service you will still be able to read all updates via this website (in the sidebar on the left), our Twitter Feed and our Facebook Page – all services are updated with the same content simultaneously.

If you find text message updates useful, or you know someone who might, please SPREAD THE WORD! We want to make home-school communication as convenient as possible and hope this will help.

*OK, for the cost of a text message – but that’s near enough free!


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