Healthy Tuck Shop – Starting In September

When we return in September I have asked Carol Crisp (Catering Manager) to trial a ‘Healthy Tuck Shop’ for the Autumn Term.

Initially, the Tuck Shop will be open to Key Stage Two children only, but this will be reviewed after the Autumn Term.

We have decided to open it just for Key Stage Two because children in KS1 already receive free fruit and vegetables and teachers believe that children in KS2 are sufficiently mature to bring in and manage their own money without too many losses (hopefully!).

I hope that the Tuck Shop will prove to be popular and, ultimately, financially viable. Opening a Tuck Shop will mean a small increase in staffing and purchasing but like our School Kitchen, I do not want the Tuck Shop to generate profit, just provide a service that is financially viable, now and in the future.

The Tuck Shop will sell a selection of fresh fruit, plus some homemade snacks such as cereal bars and granola cookies. All items will be 20p.

I hope that by opening the tuck shop our children may choose to opt for healthier break time snacks. In addition, our Year 6 children will help with the day to day management of the Tuck Shop. We hope that your children will enjoy this new initiative.

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