Clubs – End Of Year Arrangements

This is to confirm that, with two* exceptions, all clubs have finished and there will be none during the last week of term. This includes Breakfast Club.

The exceptions are:

  • Tuesday – Gardening Club (Specially extended until 5pm so the children can make and eat their home-grow pizzas!)
  • Wednesday – Mr. Wiskin’s Multi Sports Club.

There will be a new range of clubs on offer when the children return in September.

A big thank you to all the adults who have volunteered their time to organise, prepare and run the clubs at Holy Trinity this year, and to the children who have made the clubs so enjoyable to be involved in.

*This item previously said that Mr. Wiskin’s Football Club on Friday would be going ahead as normal. This was an error and so has been corrected. Apologies for any confusion.

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