Story Lab: The 2012 Summer Reading Challenge At Halstead Library

The Summer Reading Challenge returns for 21 July – 3 September!

Story Lab

Story Lab, the brainchild of Professor Cortex, is a hi-tech laboratory in the middle of a dynamic city. The lab collects stories and sends them spinning throughout the world.

For the Summer Reading Challenge, Professor Cortex has asked the Story Lab characters to find three lost objects to boost the imagination of the Story Lab. We need the young readers of Essex to help them complete their task! For every two books they read, one object is retrieved.

Children will:

  • receive a model of the Story Lab
  • collect stickers including some very smelly scratch-and-sniff ones to represent the objects.
  • be awarded a certificate and a medal when they have read six books (medals can be collected until 8th September)

Story Lab is free and open to children of any age. Children who cannot yet read alone can join in by sharing books with parents and carers.

Find out more information from Halstead Library, the Story Lab website, and the following trailer!


For those aged 10 and over looking for something different this summer, metropolis is the answer. Young people will be given a map of London with iconic landmarks highlighted. They must research six of these landmarks and write about favourite films and books. They will earn a DVD loan voucher and a sports watch for completing the challenge.

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