Website Updates Over The Summer & Website Survey

By the time you read this Holy Trinity’s website will have had over 100,000 page visits since it relaunched in September 2010! We like to keep this success story going…

Last summer the website received a major visual overhaul but I don’t think it needs one this year! Instead there will be some tidying, editing, rationalising and sorting – with a large backlog of photos from the past year (sorry teachers!) appearing from time to time to keep giving you a reason to visit!

Although the site statistics tell us a certain amount about why you visit this site (2500 visits on February’s Snow Day for example!) it would be great to find out a few more of your thoughts and feelings so we can make as useful and enjoyable a resource for children, parents, staff and friends as possible.

It’s for this reason that we are asking you to spend a few minutes of your time following this link to Survey Monkey to answer a few questions. All answers are confidential. This is the same survey that will be soon posted to our Facebook Page & Twitter Feed. There is no need to complete it more than once! We’ll let you know the results later in 2012.

The answers you will provide will help us develop the school website over the coming academic year. Thank you for your support.

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