Farewell Class Of 2012

Dear Parents/Carers/Children,

I would like to pay a deserved tribute to our Year 6s who will be moving on tomorrow.

I could say so much about our wonderful Year 6, many of whom I have known for seven years. This group started their Holy Trinity career at the same time I did, so I will always have a special bond with them.

The Year 6 pupils in a primary school are so important because they are living, breathing role models who set an example for others to follow. This year, the children of Holy Trinity could not have wished for better examples.

Academically, they have set very high standards and have made stunning progress. Although SATs and test results have never been the most important aspect of our work, they are something we have to do so we do them to the best of our ability. I cannot publish our final results yet, I can say however that they are the best results we have ever produced. Every child has given their best and they will leave Holy Trinity with some outstanding results.

Although I am biased, I would say that behaviour at Holy Trinity is outstanding. This is not just my view, it is also the view of visitors, teachers, prospective parents and everyone who spends time with our children; and it’s our Year 6s who set the tone. Prospective parents looking for a new school are often shocked when I tell them that our children will conduct their tour of the school – but I maintain that there is no better reflection of Holy Trinity than our amazing children.

Thank you Year 6, we will miss you.

Jon Smith

A quick reminder of last day events:

  • Leavers’ Assembly (Parents/Families of Year 6 Leavers) at 9.00am
  • Leavers’ BBQ at 11.45am
  • Leavers’ ‘Events’ (Parents/Carers Welcome) at 1.45pm
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