End Of DB Primary – The Start Of Something New!

Within our ICT (Information & Communication Technology) provision we need to provide our pupils with a range of online tools to help provide what are fast-becoming essential life skills, and to promote e-safety.

In order to do this we have, for the past year, been subscribing to DB Primary and I know that many of the pupils have enjoyed using it. Whilst planning ICT for the 2012-13 academic year I looked in detail at the usage of DB Primary and found that (approximately) 90% of use was of the e-mail facility, 5% was of links that staff had provided for curriculum links and the other 5% was the chat facility. It became clear that we were spending a lot of money on a resource that could be replicated in-house in a more relevant way to our school. For this reason we are almost certainly going to stop using DB Primary from September 1st 2012. (I say “almost certainly” because there are a couple of minor details that need to be sorted but I am very confident they will be!)

What are we replacing DB Primary with?

Everything will be underpinned by Tabecat, the children’s e-safety mascot. Full details will be provided in September but briefly:

  • DB Primary E-mail will be replaced by Google GMail for Education. The children’s secure @tabecat.com e-mail addresses will remain the same but will be accessed via a more real-world interface.
  • DB Primary File Storage will be replaced by Google Drive for Education.
  • DB Primary Links will be replaced entirely by Tabecat’s Links on the school website.
  • DB Primary Chat will be replaced by Tabecat’s Forum within the school website.
  • The children will be able to create private web pages using Google Pages for Education.
  • There will be a Tabecat’s Wiki created by the pupils providing an insight to life at Holy Trinity.
  • Pupils will be able to blog publicly via Tabecat’s Blog as part of everyday lessons.

All of these will resources will be run in house and so be able to be integrated into our curriculum in a way previously not possible.

Although the children’s e-mail addresses will remain the same all content held within DB Primary will be lost when we stop using it. This is regrettable but unavoidable. Although your children way wish to access DB Primary during the holidays they should keep this in mind and may wish to download pictures, e-mails etc. during the summer before they are lost. One of the upsides of moving to an in-house system is that such a loss of data will almost certainly be avoided in the future.

I expect DB Primary to go ‘off-line’ during the last week in August, with new logins provided during the first few weeks of term.

These developments are an exciting development in the provision if ICT at Holy Trinity and I look forward to the children impressing you with the ICT skills during 2012 & 2013!

Mr. Handy – ICT Subject Leader

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