Have You Tried Out The New Healthy Tuck Shop?

We told you about it back in July, but now it’s arrived!

The Healthy Tuck Shop has been running since the start of term and is already a great success. Snacks such as muffins, fresh fruit and dried fruit are available all priced at just 20p!

Everything for sale is provided by our school kitchen and the shop itself is run be Year 6 children. 

The Healthy Tuck Shop is currently only open to Key Stage 2 as Key Stage 1 already receive free fruit and vegetables and teachers believe that children in KS2 are sufficiently mature to bring in and manage their own money without too many losses (hopefully!).

The Lunch Menu for this half term will appear on the website over the weekend, and we will continue to issue night-before alerts via our new text-message service.

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