A Message From Mr. Smith

Dear Parents, Friends and Children

Welcome to our first newsletter of the new school year. We hope that your children have enjoyed their first full week back at school!

To start off I would like to thank you all for your kindness and support over the last fortnight. It has at times been difficult, but we have been stunned by all the cards and messages we have received from our families – from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

In the near future we will look at an appropriate way to formally recognise Sharon Weavers and her contribution to life at Holy Trinity. We have some ideas and I promise that when the time is right we will ensure that the whole school community can contribute in some way towards our plans to remember Mrs Weavers.

This week we have welcomed more than fifty new children to Holy Trinity, most of them in our two Foundation classes. They have made a wonderful start to their school careers! To all new parents, we have an ‘open door’ at Holy Trinity. If there’s anything your worried about, or would like to discuss, please come and see us.

Music tuition started this week provided by the Music for Schools Foundation. I am so pleased that after many years of looking at different options and initiatives that we have finally been able to provide music tuition for those that want it.

The success, emotion and inspiration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games gave me a great deal to think about over the Summer. Sadly, it is clear that our Government will not be providing any additional financial support for sport in schools, but I feel that we have to respond. As a school that has shown a long term commitment to two hours of Sport and PE per week for every child over the last seven years – this will continue. In addition, Mark Wiskin will now be teaching all our Sport and PE and Mark and I have tentatively discussed a plan to provide an even wider range of sporting activities for our children. If the Olympic and Paralympic Games showed us anything, it showed that there’s a sport out there for everyone – we just have to help one another find it! We will do our very best to help build an Olympic legacy at Holy Trinity.

I would like to officially welcome Miss Todd to our staff. Miss Todd has joined our Year 1/2 team and will be leading Science throughout the school. Miss Todd’s Class (The Tigers) seem to be having a super time and I know from talking to Miss Todd that they have made her feel very welcome at Holy Trinity.

On Tuesday 2nd October we will be holding our first ERIC morning of the new school year. For those of you who don’t know ERIC stands for Everybody Reading In Class. We open up the school to parents (and younger siblings) who can come into school and share a book with their children.

Best wishes

Jon Smith Headteacher

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