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We are now into the second week of our new Tuck Shop. Involving the Year 6 children has been a huge success; they have enjoyed working as ‘sales assistants’ serving customers and counting daily takings. We are trying to ensure that we offer the healthiest possible snack foods and we have been very pleased to see that the fresh fruit tubs have been going down a storm. If you have a healthy cookie or tray bake recipe you would like to share please drop it into school (no nuts or seeds though please).

We have a theme day today where Mrs Rayner’s Class have decided upon the menu for the day – Landmarks!

Pyramid Pizzas (Pepperoni)

Shard Chips

Segrada Familia Beans

Followed by:

Machu Picchu Mountain

Meringue with Fruit & Ice Cream

Palm Island Salad Bar

Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cucumber, Coleslaw,

Potato Salad and Sweetcorn

Carol Crisp – Catering Manager

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