Injuries In School

From time to time children will have bumps, bruises and minor injuries in school.

We make every effort to ensure that you are kept well informed about such incidents, but very occasionally, some incidents go unnoticed.

Children can sustain bumps and bruises after minor collisions. We have seen from experience that children do not always report these accidents to one of our lunchtime assistants or their teacher/teaching assistant when they returned to class. Sometimes there is no visible swelling and the child may display absolutely no ill effects, but when the children go home the bruise will start to ‘come out’ and it then becomes clear that they may have fell or tripped but simply carried on playing.

We have good levels of supervision around the school but it is absolutely impossible to prevent slips, falls, trips and misdirected footballs. Our policy is that if we see/know of an injury (particularly a head injury of any description) we will always send home an injury/incident slip and/or contact you to let you know what has happened.

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