A Silent Music Lesson Using O-Generator!

Years 3 & 4 have been using O-Generator to build pieces of music. Using laptops and headphones, it’s also a silent music lesson!

This afternoon Class H experimented with a single bar of music, using sounds from a drum kit, percussion instruments, a bass guitar and some vocals, although Owen introduced some piano too! During future lessons this single bar will be built up to, or built up from, using other sounds. The children will also be experimenting with different tempos and volume levels for different types of instrument. We hope to have full songs by the end of term…

What do you think to their bars of music?

All 28 bars have been put together here in one go, which highlights how wonderfully diverse results you can get from a group of children receiving the same input and using the same piece of software.

We’ll keep you updated with how the songs progress.

You can download the O-Generator App to use on iPhones & iPads for £1.49.


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