Lego Days – A Review By Megan Shaw

This week we would like to share some writing with you. Below are some extracts from a recount by Megan Shaw (Year 6) recounting what happened during the Lego Town Planning Days…

“It was Lego mania! The children in our class had an afternoon with Philip in the hall. This recount will tell you all about our time. I will be telling you what we built, how we built it. Read on for more fun.

We built a house and garden. To start off we were asked to build a house out of Lego. After we built houses we were to place them in a large green base…

After I had placed my house on the garden I put some flowers and trees around it. This was my favourite part of the afternoon.

Our town was beautiful, even though I had overdone my garden a bit. There was a train built by some boys. Teddie (one of my buddies) built me a small car. Philip laid out the train tracks, the roads and the water, it was fun building the town.

To conclude this recount, I will say that I interviewed two children and they said it was one of the most fun days that they had. I’ll say that the only down-side was breaking it up. “

Brilliant writing, thank you Megan for letting us share your excellent work!

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