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We started the term with new updated menus but retained some of the old favourite meals!

When we return after half term the menu will change again with the addition of some winter dishes and puddings. Our new infants seem to enjoy the increased variety; especially the puddings!

I’m delighted to report that over the past year we have seen a good increase in the uptake of school meals, so the word must get around and we continue to support local suppliers and use their knowledge to pick new and seasonal produce.

The tuck shop continues to thrive and I try to introduce new items on a weekly basis. There is always a rush to be first in the queue and the chat passes along about what’s on the tuck table for the day! Our helpers are still as keen as ever and rotate their roles so the kitchen can carry on with getting lunch ready.

Finally I would like to say a big thankyou to Sandra Houshton who will be leaving the kitchen at half term onto ventures new. Sandra has worked in the School Kitchen for 9 years. I have only worked with her for nine months but I very much appreciate her hard work and commitment and would like to wish her every success in the future!

I hope that you enjoy the half term break, we have started planning for Christmas Dinner (19th December) so make sure you book early!

Carol Crisp
Catering Manager

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