PTFA Christmas Bazaar – Help Needed

Non-Uniform Day (30.11.12)

We are assisting the PTFA in their quest to gather prizes for the ‘bottle tombola’ at this year’s Christmas Bazaar. There will be a non-uniform day on Friday 30th November but instead of bringing in cash, please ‘bring a bottle.’

The PTFA will set up a collection point during school drop off time on Friday 30th November so you can safely hand over your contribution. The PTFA have made the following suggestions: Wine, Spirits, Beer, Bubble bath, Fizzy drinks, Soft drinks, Toiletries, Chutney, Jam, Pickles etc.

Please do not send children to school with donations such as alcoholic drinks or anything in glass containers – this would present a significant health and safety risk to the school. If you are sending in alcohol or donations in a glass container please bring it in yourself.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation; this worked brilliantly when we tried it for the Summer Fete so we thought that we would try it again!

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