Colchester Hospital Competition – Christmas In Australia

This year we donated some paper to the Children’s Ward at Colchester Hospital and as a result of this link we have been invited to contribute towards a display of children’s artwork at the Children’s Ward in Colchester Hospital.

Your task is to produce a drawing, painting, collage or any form of imaginative art, focusing on the theme of Christmas in Australia

Remember, that Australians celebrate Christmas just like we do, but because they live on the other side of the world, their Christmas coincides with the middle of the Summer! We shiver through Christmas whilst the Aussies sunbathe!

Think carefully about the colours, ideas and methods you use. We will select a range of pieces that will go to the Children’s Ward and form part of the display. Children from other Essex Schools have been asked to take part but they have been given other parts of the world as the focus of their work. All work must be handed in by Monday 3rd December.

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