Whole School Cinema Visit – An Enormous Well Done To Our Children!

Holy Trinity at Cineworld!

Yesterday we took all our children to the cinema. That’s 250+ children aged 4-11 on four coaches to Cineworld Braintree to watch the film ‘Rise Of The Guardians’. Past experience of public matinee viewings of children’s movies suggested that we might be in for fidgeting, talking, endless trips to the toilet and a frazzled return to school for a much needed lie down.

But no, not with the wonderful children from Holy Trinity. They got onto and sat in the coaches sensibly for the journeys. They were polite to members of the public, the coach drivers and cinema staff. They enjoyed the excitement of the moment chatting away to each other and then when the lights dimmed…silence of their own accord. They enjoyed the film without any fuss and even applauded at the end! They were, in short, brilliant.

None of this really comes as a surprise to us because we know how amazing our children are. How great they were was mentioned via Tweets yesterday, but they were so good and such a credit to us as a school and yourselves as parents that we thought we needed a proper post here on the website to record it and acknowledge it. It’s only because the children are so well behaved that we feel confident taking them on such visits, and once again they did us all proud.

Merry Christmas!


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