Safety Notice – Collecting Your Children

SchoolIn the last few weeks we have come across a number of instances where parents have made pick up arrangements with friends/relatives without informing school.

As I am sure you can appreciate, our teachers are careful to ensure that children go home with the right people. Sometimes arrangements change due to work circumstances, weekend ‘sleepovers’ etc. and we can facilitate these arrangements, but only if you let us know about them in advance.

Please be aware, if we are not told about a change in circumstances, we will not send children home with ‘different’ people. I am sorry if this stance is at times inconvenient, but we cannot and will not compromise our approach to keep children safe.

If someone else is picking up your children please let us know. Our office staff are often left with no option but to try and track down parents and/or carers to confirm arrangements and this can often take a considerable amount of time

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