Pupil Book Review

Danny Champion of the World by Roald Dahl
A Review by Rosie Day (Year 4)

Danny lived with his Dad in a gypsy caravan and all they owned in the world was a filling station and a field behind them.

Six and a half miles away was Hazel’s Wood owned by the selfish, rich and greedy Mr Victor Hazel. He made life a lot harder for Danny and his Dad. They led a happy life mending and building cars together.

Every night Danny’s Dad read him a story so that he could go to sleep. Danny’s Dad slept on the top bunk and Danny slept on the bottom bunk. But one night Danny listened for the usual snoring from the upper bunk but there was silence in the room so that meant that he had gone to finish a job in the workshop, but no it was still silent…So that night he went outside in his slippers and dressing gown but suddenly…

Read on more to find out where Danny’s Dad been and to find out about sticky hats, horsehair stoppers and raisins.

I enjoyed this story because it was funny and has lovely characters. I give this story 10 out of 10.

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