Important School Meals Information

Healthy SchoolYou will have seen news reports questioning the quality of some commercial meat and meat products such as pies and lasagne etc. It is important that you all know that the meat we use at Holy Trinity is fresh and regularly delivered from local suppliers. We do not use frozen or processed meat products.

The general problem with school catering is that in smaller schools like Holy Trinity providing good quality school meals costs more than the school meals funding provided by the Government. In some schools, meals are provided by private catering organisations, so the school has little or no input into the ingredients or suppliers used. At Holy Trinity our catering manager, Mrs Crisp, uses trusted and in many cases local suppliers. This may be more expensive, but it means that the quality of the food is better. Even on Deli days when we offer choices such as pies and sausage rolls, these are made on site by our catering staff using fresh ingredients.

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