Whole School Focus: Handwriting

Handwriting FocusAs part of our drive to continually improve standards and achievement at Holy Trinity Primary School, this term we are going to be focusing on improving our handwriting.

Our aim is for our children to leave in Year Six having developed their own personal handwriting style that is joined, neat, consistent in shape and size, and legible. To ‘kick off’ this initiative I will be organising a handwriting competition for the whole school. Children will be given a piece of text that they will be asked to copy in their neatest handwriting. I will distribute the tasks to teachers next week.

You can also help at home (especially if you have younger children) by asking your children to regularly write shopping lists and birthday cards in their neatest handwriting. If they’re pleased with the results they can always bring them into school and show them to me! I would really like to see.

Mr. Smith

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