End Of Spring Term – Pupil Progress Update

ttAs explained in our Pupil Progress Updates, it is the National expectation that all children should make two levels of progress from the end of Year 2 to the end of Year 6. Our most recent data shows that 90+% of children throughout Key Stage 2 are on track to meet this expectation:

Year Group Reading Writing Maths

Year 3 – Reading 100% – Writing 97% – Maths 100%
Year 4 – Reading 100% – Writing97% – Maths90%
Year 5 – Reading 98% – Writing98% – Maths93%
Year 6 – Reading 92% – Writing90% – Maths96%

This data shows that we are very much on track to ensure that our children reach the National progress expectation as set out by the Department for Education. Our Year 6 children are sitting their SATs tests this week, we wish them every success and have great pride in them and their dedication to their work. Good luck Year 6!

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