Handwriting from Paige, Finlay and Niamh

The response to our Handwriting Competition was wonderful; thank you to everyone who took part.

Over the next week or so I will be publishing some examples to celebrate the handwriting skills of our children.

Paige SAs you can see Paige (above) has developed her own individual handwriting style. It is cursive, neatly joined and Paige has also maintained consistent spacing, ascenders and descenders without using lined paper. This is a great example of how you can develop your own individual handwriting style. Brilliant work Paige!


Finley AFinlay (Foundation Stage) has produced a stunning piece of handwriting! His handwriting is very clear and he has also started to develop ‘flicks and tails’ on his letters ready for joining! Finlay’s handwriting is consistent in size and shape and he has maintained finger spaces from the beginning to the end. A brilliant piece of handwriting from someone so young!


Niamh SNiamh (above) has produced a very clear and crisp piece of neat handwriting. I was particularly pleased to see how Niamh had produced very clear ascenders and descenders throughout her writing; it is very easy to distinguish the upper case ‘P’ from the lower case ‘p’. Niamh kept to the lines, shows clear finger spacing and maintained a consistent style throughout. Excellent handwriting from a pupil in Year 1!

Keep checking the website for more brilliant handwriting!

Mr Smith (Headteacher)




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