Handwriting from Billy J, Molly R and Katie R

As promised, more examples of excellent handwriting!

Billy JBilly (above) has developed his own style of handwriting. The ascenders and descenders are consistent and very clear and Billy clearly defines lower and upper case letters very effectively. Billy’s style is also fluent and flows naturally. Excellent handwriting Billy, well done!

Molly RMolly (above) has produced a beautiful piece of handwriting in a cursive, joined and flowing style. The joins Molly has developed are consistent and she hasn’t made the mistake of trying to join letters that simply can’t be joined in a legible style. The best feature of Molly’s handwriting is the level of consistency she has achieved; it is so consistent it could be mistaken for computer print! Brilliant!

Katie R



Katie (above) is in Year 1 and it is wonderful to see that someone so young  has been able to develop their own handwriting style! Katie’s writing is clear and consistent in both shape and size. Katie has clear ascenders and descenders and her spacing and alignment of her writing is outstanding! Well done Katie!

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