Leo The Giraffe Will Be At Williams & Griffin, Colchester!

Leo and his friends...

Today we found out that our Stand Tall! giraffe Leo will be shown off at Williams & Griffin on Colchester High Street. He’ll be there from early-June onwards, so don’t miss the chance to see him!

Here’s some news from Colchester Zoo…

Not long now until the trail starts!!!!!  The Stand Tall schools section of the website has been updated. Please do have a look: www.colchester-zoo.co.uk/standtall/schools. The trail locations have all been confirmed and your school name now appears under your sculpture location. In addition, the description and photograph of your giraffe has been uploaded and can be accessed if you click on your school name.

A downloadable version of the trail map is also available here: http://www.colchester-zoo.com/index.cfm?fa=content.list&page=725&section=22. This includes all 82 school giraffes and the 30 larger giraffes with their respective locations.

The Stand Tall app will be available to download from the 2nd June.

App Banner

For different numbers of giraffes spotted, a reward / prize will be available from a whole range of sponsors involved in the programme, so it is definitely worth taking part in the trail.

We entered all of the school giraffes into a competition judged by Michaela Strachan, television presenter. All of the designs were fantastic, but 12 finalists were chosen with the winning school being Hamilton Primary School for their giraffe Savannah Hamilton. Well done to everyone for their fantastic designs and to Hamilton Primary who have won the competition for the school visit to Colchester Zoo.

For social networking and to follow us more on Facebook /Twitter, here are some of the hash tags we are using – please ensure you always use @ColchesterZoo, #Colchester and #StandTallfor Giraffes – you know we may even make the trending list!!






Finally, here is a timeframe for the summer with upcoming events:


25th May Unveiling of Jet Set (Monaco Giraffe) at Colchester Zoo
25th May Stand Tall Road Trip – Hythe Festival, Colchester
27th May Unveiling of the Stand Tall City Sight Seeing bus (TBC)
27th May Colchester Street Art starts
29th May Stand Tall Road Trip – Suffolk show
30th May Stand Tall Road Trip – Suffolk show
30th May Colchester Cycle Tour Series – STAN the mascot gets on his bike!
30th May Delivery of 1.3m giraffes to outlets for the summer trail (TBC)
1st / 2nd June Install of the 2.5m giraffes (all to be in situ for 10am)
2nd June Colchester Zoo’s 50th Birthday! and LAUNCH of the 2013 Stand Tall for Giraffes Parade
30th June Colchester Food and Drink Festival – Birthday “Sing-Along”
20th July Colchester Carnival – Zoo theme
26th August Last day of the trail
26 & 27 August Sculptures back to the Zoo

31st August to 8th September

Farewell Tour at Colchester Zoo – the last chance to see all the sculptures together (2.5m and 1.3m)
9th – 17th Sept 2.5m sculptures on parade at More London http://www.morelondon.com/index.html
19th Sept Auction of the 2.5m sculptures at Firstsite – tickets will go on sale on 1st August
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