Photos From The Fifth And Final Day Of School Journey 2013

Here are the last lot of photos from School Journey 2013, although those that didn’t make the website will be shown on the school’s two display screens for a couple of weeks after half term.

Many, many thanks to Mr. Wiskin for taking these photos (and the Instagrammed ones) at the same time as looking after a group on the activities. Beset as he was with technical difficulties on site he spent a lot of time late into the night, when he should have been recharging his own batteries, sorting the photos out and fighting unsuccessfully with the centre WiFi. He even managed to send all the text-only updates too!

It’s already been said elsewhere but thanks to the staff who made School Journey possible. Without Mr. Smith, Mrs Ridgwell and Mr. Wiskin giving up their week it simply wouldn’t be possible. Residential visits are brilliant fun but they come with a lot of hard work and responsibility – they’re certainly not a holiday! Thanks also to Miss McCullough who, although not able to attend for more than a day-visit for obvious reasons, organised School Journey 2013 and made sure that everything went to plan beforehand.

Finally, a big thank you to the children of Holy Trinity who went along. They were a credit to the themselves, the school and to their parents and turned what could just be a wet-week in Kent into an amazing experience that pupils and staff will never forget. They probably deserve a well done too!

Enjoy the last lot of photos…


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