An End Of Year Message From The Chair Of Governors

Esme Pickford - Chair of the GovernorsThe governors would like to express their thanks to everyone who has contributed to the success that Holy Trinity has enjoyed this academic year. We were delighted that Ofsted found us to be a good school. It has been our aim to move up from the satisfactory judgement made in 2011, to the higher grade of being good. However, during the last two years the goal posts have been moved and so much more is expected. This makes us so very proud that despite all the changes we achieved our target.

All our teaching staff are dedicated to ensuring that all pupils make the most possible progress to achieve their very best. They keep a close eye on each and every pupil, ready to provide additional support to those who may be falling behind or those who need additional challenge. It is as a result of this dedication and careful monitoring that such improvements have been made. Thank you to all the staff who support pupils learning, you have done a brilliant job.

The pupils themselves have risen to the challenges set, worked hard and done well. Year 1 pupils have achieved improved results in the phonic screening test and also Year 2 pupils, in the Key Stage1 national tests in English and maths. Our best national test results to date have been recorded by the current Year 6 who have worked incredibly hard and deserve their amazing successes. Our children are a delight, not just in our opinion but that of visitors to the school, the public in places we visit and the Ofsted inspection team. Pupils are polite, respectful of adults and each other and are so well mannered. We wish the current Year 6 success in their new schools and hope they build on their learning here, to achieve their ambitions. Please cherish the important qualities of character you have developed at Trinity and hold on to them for the rest of your life.

As parents, you have contributed a great deal to the improvement seen in the standards achieved. You have shown interest in what your children are learning through taking part in activity mornings for Letters and Sounds and also Maths. We also appreciate the time you spend with your children at home to support reading and homework. Thank you also to the 59 parents who responded to the Ofsted on-line questionnaire. The PTFA does an incredible job supporting the school and providing those ‘extras’ which make all the difference and are so appreciated by the children. A big thank you as well.

None of this improvement and success would have been possible without Jon Smith, who provides such strong leadership and cares so much about the Holy Trinity School Community. Thank you so much for all you have done Jon to enable us to become a good school.

Finally, we wish you happy holidays. For those returning, come back refreshed and raring to go as we begin making Trinity an outstanding school !!

Esme Pickford

Chair of Governors

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