The Website Is Having A Holiday

HTHA few stats…

  • This is the 900th post to the school website since it was relaunched in September 2010. That’s equivalent to almost one a day even during holidays!
  • The site has 125 pages of content and has displayed 1800+ Tweets/Facebook posts in the sidebar.
  • There are over 4000 photos, videos, sound files and documents to view and download.
  • During the 2012-13 Academic Year just past the school website received in excess of 115,000 page views – a big increase on the previous year.

It’s been a busy year for!

We’ve tried hard to make sure that news from school is relayed to pupils, parents and friends as quickly as possible and we are still trying to make sure the site as as useful a resource as possible for all stakeholders in Holy Trinity. As ‘webmaster’ I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to the website over the past year (including several of my colleagues who have taken up the opportunity of posting content themselves with great enthusiasm!) and to everyone who has visited and commented on it – I hope you have enjoyed it and found it useful.

The website is having a holiday. There will be no updates or changes for a month. During the week beginning 27th August various pages and sections will be updated in light of staff changes, role changes, and some new ideas we have for the website during the next academic year. If there’s time the site might even receive a freshen-up visually – quite possibly a complete new look. We’ll see… The site, and it’s content, will stay online but if things look a bit odd at times it’s because it’ll be a work in progress until we go back to school on September 4th. Please bear with me.

Have a great summer,

Mr. Handy



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