A Message From Mr. Smith At The Start Of A New Year

Welcome to another year at Holy Trinity Primary School! We hope that you and your families had a good Summer break.

It has been great to welcome back our 220+ existing children and equally great to meet our new children who have made a brilliant start to their school lives.

Our theme for this term is ‘Animal Antics’ so you can expect plenty of exciting events and activities that you’re children will enjoy. Rather than planning trips away from school, this term we will be focusing on visitors coming into school, with a emphasis upon animals from around the world; when we have more details we’ll let you know.

At the end of the school year I wrote to all families about changes in the law and these will have a significant impact on the schools ability to grant  leave of absence for holidays. The law is now very clear, a school can only grant leave of absence in exceptional circumstances. This will mean that we will only be able to sanction holidays if the circumstances surrounding the holiday are exceptional and that the request is a one-off. We will not be able to authorise annual requests for leave of absence so please, please consider these factors before you book a holiday.

At this point I feel that I must stress that this law change has nothing to do with Holy Trinity Primary School or Essex County Council – all complaints and comments should be directed to Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Education!

In school we are having a big push on the importance of e-safety and the sensible use of mobile phones and the internet. Children’s IT skills have improved so much that in many cases they are able to function at such a level that parents are often left lagging behind – but this can cause problems. Please try and keep an eye on your child’s use of the internet; Mr Handy has posted a very interesting article on the News section of the school website highlighting some of the issues and possible pitfalls.

You may have noticed that our main gates were ‘re-arranged’ over the Summer Break. Unfortunately a dust cart hit the gates whilst we were away from school – the case is in the hands of our insurers and we hope to have it fixed as soon as possible.

Finally, this week we have had three water stations installed in school. These units cool and filter mains water to improve the quality of the water for drinking. We will be encouraging our children to use the water stations so please feel free to send your children into school with a small sports bottle (large sports bottles will not fit under the taps).

Have a great weekend, see you all next week!

Best wishes

Jon Smith (Headteacher)

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