Messages From Essex County Council’s Director Of Education And Learning

Last week we were delighted to receive two letters from Essex County Council’s Director Of Education And Learning, Tim Coulson.

On our KS1 and KS2 results:

In addition to the circulation of overall county results which all schools will have received last week, I am pleased to be writing specifically to you to congratulate you and your staff on your summer results. You have ensured high quality outcomes for many of your pupils, contributing to the depth and breadth of excellence shown in Essex’s primary school sector.

I was particularly impressed to see that the school was one of those that showed the highest improvement across Key Stage 1.

Congratulations to you and your colleagues on this success, we know that achieving high standards and significant improvement with children is very demanding.

Very best wishes in your work and for the coming year,

Tim Coulson

And on our recent Ofsted inspection:

I was very pleased to receive the report of the recent inspection at your school which judged your school as good.

The report is clear that the school has many strengths which include:

  • your personal commitment to school improvement and the good education that the children at Holy Trinity receive throughout their years at the school.

The report is also clear that you know what needs addressing and are taking the steps to do this. We know that such a report is the outcome of huge amount of dedication and hard work by staff, and from careful oversight by governors who give freely of their time and energy.

All the very best to you and your school community as you reflect on all the very positive comments in the report, and also as you move on to the next stages in the school’s work.

Very best wishes in the important work you do.

Tim Coulson

We would like to thank Mr. Coulson for acknowledging the success of Holy Trinity, and for his encouragement as we keep working hard to provide the best possible outcomes and experiences for children in our care.

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